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Weird! No timelapse video today… message was a quote by Snowden!

I delayed this post on purpose, as I was waiting the video of December 16 to appear online. So far it hasn’t come, so I decided to write this. I just find it weird that this happened. The picture below shows Panopticam channel on YouTube and the only missing part of most recent videos is the one on the 16/12/2015…

Well, yes, it can be a technical fail (I asked one of the project’s coordinators, will see!), but right on the day I showed a quote by Ed Snowden? Anyway, the message was:

“Under observation, we act less free, which means we effectively are less free.” (Ed Snowden)

Day 45: no videos on the 16/12/2015

Day 45: no videos on the 16/12/2015