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Jeremy’s broken eyes…

Only too late I realised the PanoptiCam webcam wasn’t working properly at the moment I went to send my message to Jeremy. At least this is how it seems, as the image was frozen, up until the end of the morning.

Well, I guess this is how CCTV works (or doesn’t) in most cases, isn’t it?

Thankfully, the PanoptiCam team is not like most CCTV maintenance teams and it went back to work later in the same day.

One should ask, though: what if a serious crime was being carried out during those few hours, just in front of Jeremy’s (broken) eyes?… Would you blame the technology for not helping us solve just another crime, Jeremy? Never mind, just think about it! I’ll bring my message again some other time…

Day 18: broken camera, frozen image

Day 18: broken camera, frozen image