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Stop hunting whistleblowers!

We all know Julian Assange isn’t a whistleblower, he (or Wikileaks) just facilitates the job of these guys. Let’s face it, whistleblowing became a crucial humanitarian service in today’s confusing, blurred and obscure world. In a time when (mega) corporations and powerful governments do lots of things under the table, whistleblowers are a necessary balance in favour of ordinary citizens.

They’ve been around for a long time, but have become more visible recently because of the pervasive nature of electronic communications and the permanent attempt of intelligent agencies and corporations to collect and manipulate information about other people and other government/companies.

We must recognise the importance of organisations such as Wikileaks, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others alike which protect important information and whistleblowers. We must also praise people like Daniel Ellsberg, Katharine Gun, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and many others for coming forward and risking their own lives…

Day 66: Stop hunting whistleblowers!

Day 66: Stop hunting whistleblowers!

And as one of these coincidences, while visiting the vigil in solidarity to Julian Assange at the Ecuador Embassy, I was given a poster to help the protest, that was exactly about stopping the attacks on whistleblowers…

Stop the attack on whistleblowers

Stop the attack on whistleblowers

There was a big hope that Assange would walk free from the embassy today, as the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ruled his deprivation of liberty as arbitrary. However, the British and Swedish governments declared that UN ruling changes nothing, threatening to arrest Assange if he stepped out of the embassy. This is probably an unprecedented decision by major nation-state members against UN recommendation, and sets dangerous prospects for future rulings against dictatorship or abusive regimes, as Ed Snowden tweeted:

“This writes a pass for every dictatorship to reject UN rulings. Dangerous precedent for UK/Sweden to set.”

Free Assange!

The message could hardly be other than something related to today’s announcement that Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is near to end his enforced stay at the Equatorial Embassy later this weak. The UN body on arbitrary detention will rule on Assange’s case on Friday morning. Assange said he will come out either way – free to fly to Ecuador or to be escorted to prison in Britain (and then Sweden). He will step out Friday at noon if the UN rules against his case, but also demands his passport back and free way to Ecuador in case it rules otherwise.

The case of is notorious for the links between the attempts, by many governments but mainly the US, to stop Wikileaks doing what it is famous for (leaking top secret documents and cables), and the person (body and mind) of its founder. Many facts and documents to this story can be found at justice4assange.com.

I’ve written about the uncommon territorial connections of this story in a paper published in Portuguese a few years ago (I am currently writing an update and expanded version in English) called “Territory and Materiality: Wikileaks and the Control of the Informational Space”. I believe that what is happening to Assange/Wikileaks and, more recently, to Ed Snowden, can also be inspected through the lens of the association between surveillance and space, which will help us further understand important aspects in the geography of surveillance, international/domestic legislation, and geopolitics.

The world (and Jeremy) is waiting to see the end of this three-and-a-half-year drama, hopefully in favour of Assange.

Day 65: Free Assange! justice4assange.com

Day 65: Free Assange! justice4assange.com

Weird! No timelapse video today… message was a quote by Snowden!

I delayed this post on purpose, as I was waiting the video of December 16 to appear online. So far it hasn’t come, so I decided to write this. I just find it weird that this happened. The picture below shows Panopticam channel on YouTube and the only missing part of most recent videos is the one on the 16/12/2015…

Well, yes, it can be a technical fail (I asked one of the project’s coordinators, will see!), but right on the day I showed a quote by Ed Snowden? Anyway, the message was:

“Under observation, we act less free, which means we effectively are less free.” (Ed Snowden)

Day 45: no videos on the 16/12/2015

Day 45: no videos on the 16/12/2015

Jeremy, would you look at me differently if I used Tor or encrypted my emails? The NSA would…

This message was inspired by this article in the guardian: “Attempts to stay anonymous on the web will only put the NSA on your trail” (by John Naughton)

Day 44: Jeremy, would you look at me differently if I used Tor or encrypted my emails? The NSA would...

Day 44: Jeremy, would you look at me differently if I used Tor or encrypted my emails? The NSA would…